About me

First Met: 2010
Engaged: 2014
Married: 2014
First Baby: 2017

Husband's name: Mohamad Firdaus Shakirin bin Mohamad Fauzi.
Baby's name: Mohamad Harris Mikael bin Mohamad Firdaus Shakirin

Assalamualaikum. My name is Nur Amalina Bt Mufid. I'm an active blogger since 2008. A lot of ups and downs ever since but stayed along the way because I love blogging. 
An eater, a book addict, brisk-walking and beach kinda person. 
Currently working as an M&E Engineer, and a devoted wife and mother.

A short introduction. I've been on binge blogging for many years now and I love to keep everything written and recorded. For future reference. My blog ranging from life stories, reviews, random stuffs and pretty much everything. This blog has been witnessing my ups and downs in life, where I got heart broken, meltdowns, married and now with one child. So here's pretty much everything in my life.


Wasalam, love Nina M. ♥

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