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Assalamualaikum. My name is Nur Amalina Bt Mufid. I'm an active blogger since 2008. I love to write reviews, life story & pretty much everything! I've a big family. I was born on 19th September 1991.

I was engaged on 8th March 2014 and married to him on 1st May 2014. He was my boyfriend since 2010 and we've been through a lot of ups and downs during university life and counting forever in sha Allah. I am currently working as M&E Engineer at Pembinaan Bintang Baru in Kepong. Gaining experience and hope for the best, in sha Allah. 

Describing me? Well, I've always love to write (mind my english though). Be it in a diary, or blogs, or even twitter. Many people might have forgotten blogger for all I know but I stayed because I just feel like this social sites is the one that is still pure and is not 'contaminated' if you know what I mean. I was hoping to take tesl or sports science after SPM but my mom wont allow me too. Honestly, mechanical engineering is my own choice. Well mom knows best. But just only recently I realize my passion for writing & I was hoping I could be a magazine editor or writer that writes reviews all sorts. Because it seems like babbling have been my forte.Well some say I can speak, I can give good presentations but I feel more comfortable writing it. So after degree, maybe? 

Anyways, I'm an eater. I love to eat and I eat so much but never gotten fat. I have a high metabolism rate and even after marriage, I still am. Maybe after pregnancy, I'll get a bit fat, no? 

I'm a hardcore reader. I love to read. I love bookstores especially MPH ! I've been reading english fictions, enid blyton's since I was in kindergarten. I suck when it comes to Malay novels. I cant really understand the language. Maybe because my bahasa melayu sucks BIG TIME. But I'm still learning. Well its still not too late, right? 

I'm worst when it comes to being romantic and mushy mushy but I'm still trying to be one, of course for my hubby. Or maybe because we both are engineering students and being romantic is invalid. Well I think not, because I love romantic scenes. Ok bye haha. 

I love to play with colors. Water colors. Colored papers. Flowers. A purple freak. But I also love striking colors. I love colors that stands out. I'm quite childish and my husband said, taking care of me is like taking care of little kids. Give me candy (& a bit of love) and I'm all good. Haha. I love funfairs. I love games. He claims I pout like a baby & very sensitive. Well that's what he said. & I'M MOM'S BABY GIRL. 

So that's partially about my life and loved ones. I'm worst at describing personality. Maybe I still need a bit more digging of myself, for future reference. Hahaha. 


Wasalam, love Nina M. ♥

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