Friday, August 4, 2017

Pregnancy update.

I am at 29 weeks now! Entering 3rd trimester, alhamdulillah. Baby's moving so so so very much now. And ITS GOOD. Except that my back pain is so bad that sitting down for such long time is really uncomfortable now. And I cant eat so much at one time. If I do, I'll end up having heart burn for NOT a short while. It feels like extreme bloating. And driving home from work also painful. And you know the tingling feeling inside tummy of baby's movement? Its not tingling anymore. ITS A KICK & PUNCH & TANDUK. Really, he is kicking very hard now. Its weird but I love it. The reason why I rarely update now is that I cant sit down for so long now. And a day at work is excruciating enough. So after a hard and painful drive home, all I want is to just walk or lie down.

There's a lot of things going on. Alhamdulillah, my HB is increasing! Attended weddings, check-ups (scan baby) and got new niece this morning! So I'll let all the pictures do the talking since now I only want to walk somewhere.

Adik's wedding. 

Duya & Ari's wedding. Dont ask me where's the baby bump. Its there. Hahaha. 


Cant wait to meet you Ivy. Going straight to the hospital after work today and gotta get home before 8pm since we're going to Terengganu tonight for Ain's wedding. So excited for this trip. But hello back pain. 

Okay, need to walk a bit now. 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

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