Friday, July 14, 2017

Pregnant at 26 weeks.

My baby is moving so much now! I am totally excited. Most of the nights, I would just lie down on my bed, and exposed my tummy, seeing how my baby kicking punching hard in the tummy. I think my baby is fond of touch. Because regardless of his bed time or what, everytime I put my hand onto my tummy, he'll move. Same goes with husband, Zira & mumsy. Even so, he recognizes people's hand touch. Because time husband baru balik, after a while at JB, (during baby's moving phase la), my husband puts his hand onto my tummy, but baby aint moving. Padahal baru je gerak. And so, I rub my tummy saying, "baby, this is your papa, just got back from JB." And then, my baby moved. Excited kot! And last week my brother puts his hand onto my tummy also, but since its his first time, baby also not moving. So I guess he's shy?

So yeah, I've been juggling with sickness and body ache whatnots. Since I came home from Perlis, I think its the long journey that tires out my body, so my body been aching everywhere. And nurse changed my meds as my HB is decreasing in every check-ups but too bad, I cant tolerate with the new meds. The first day was okay but during my 2nd day consuming it, I end up vomiting. So it got changed back to Obimin. My target is to increase my HB because my check-up's becoming twice a month because of my HB reading. I'm gonna have my check up next week along with glucose test and I really have to watch over my sugar intake.

I booked a massage session tomorrow morning at 10am. Well fret not, this lady is experienced is massaging pregnant lady and I did once with her and it wasnt disappointing. And yes, I totally need it. Its been almost 3 weeks now, my backache come and go and even worsen until I could not even stand straight, and pray the usual way. Sleeping also sakit. It was really uncomfortable. So I hope after massage tomorrow, bole jadi okay la badan ni. At least tak sakit badan dah.

There's so much going on for the past 3 weeks since its raya and we have so many wedding invitations instead of open house! Tomorrow I got 3 wedding to attend but I am not sure whether I will attend or not. Last Saturday was excruciating because the long journey with hot weather was too tiring and I went home vomiting like mad. So I thin tomorrow I'm just gonna rest.

This week has been very tiring and now, I am very sleepy already. Nights!

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

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