Thursday, July 27, 2017


I know I should be doing such long posts by now. But been juggling work, health, check-ups and whatnots. No one is reading anyway but for the sake of doing it for myself.

I have so much to catch up at the moment. Work is piling up every now and then. Check-ups is becoming regular as my HB is still quite low. And a lot of wedding invitations to fulfill. Next week is Ain's so we're going to Terengganu. Transportation is not a problem since we're carpooling with Kimi & Nana but the duty to find place to sleep is on me and I havent start anything. Sigh. And I'm entering my 7 months pregnancy. Hello 3rd trimester! Back pain is regular now. And with cough still. And braxton hicks. And baby kicking so so much nowwwww. I love it! Preparations? Still few stuffs to buy and I havent daftar to the clinic I want to have delivery. Should be entering now. But havent made any phone calls to that clinic, yet. Haihhh so much to do but so lazy to do so. I need to do at least twice check-ups in that clinic. Next week would be my tetanus injection. I hate injections, ambil darah. Anything painful. Well, sape suka pun kan.

Anyway, I still have few errands to do today. Might start looking for our place to stay in Terengganu and call for the clinic I've made my mind to. A lot of things need to be done. And I am starting now.

So I guess this is such a short post, again. Welcoming my 3rd trimester! May Allah ease, in sha Allah :)

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

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