Monday, March 19, 2018

Part of me

This is random. I dont normally on the laptop at this hour. Usually I would already be in bed, or play around with Harris or join hubs watching movies. Since hubs is out working and Harris asleep early today (I should to though) But I was blog walking this evening and came across a blog that pretty much reminds me of what I used to want during my college life. I enjoy studying, I just dont like the environment of my university. I've always wanted to live outside Malaysia, study abroad. Most probably because I am that brisk-walking, beach, tea in a park kinda person and living here quite in the middle of the city, aint that promising for a girl like me. But deep down, I still keep that wish buried. And I feel like one day I want to work abroad. I dont know. I still havent figure life out yet. I feel contented with life and I am loving every single day. I just want to achieve what I've been longing for. Well anyways, just a night thought. Random. I wont say that my life sucks though. I have literally everything and still chasing. I love making do of whatever I have now. Maybe I just gotta add few sparkles to make my life a lot more interesting. And I vow to do so. So that I wont regret anything in life. 

Anyways. I came across a good deal in fave. Hubs got a hair problem. His hair just wont grow. So I bought a deal in Fave for Yun Nam Hair Care. So on Saturday, I scheduled an appointment for him in MidValley and took him for a 2-hour deep treatment. Well, because I had my trip to saloon and he did such great job at taking care of Harris. He's been doing that for many times already so I guess I owe him a leisure time. And yes, to solve his hair problems. Haha. So me and Harris had a good time on our own. Its not that easy to take care of an infant alone in a mall and I salute how my husband deals with it every time I went shopping with my baby sister. Hubs offers himself to take Harris to the baby room, handle him most of the time and only pass him to me during feeding time. Ohh how blessed I am. 

On Sunday, we had Abg Zaidi's reception and the day started early. I woke up for Subuh and prepared everything. Breastfeed Harris, prepare the clothes and bags and everything. While hubs, accompanying Harris continuing his sleep. Harris was too tired, prolly because he had a long day on Saturday so he kinda wanna continue sleeping. But we had to wake him up. After several attempts though. I had the mummy feeling dont wanna wake you up because you're so cute sleeping therefore the tasks of waking him up is to papa. I got ready first since (according to hubs) I took long time to get ready. So hubs gave Harris a bath and I let him bathe after while I prep Harris. 

Harris has been such a very good baby. Has he not always been good? Its so easy to handle him. He get cranky only when he's sleepy. Other than that? Nothing. He'll just cracks up over cak-cak and especially when his cousin's around..

THE FOREVER BRIDE (us in our solemnization outfit) 

We hardly have photo with Harris because he's either asleep or Asu kidnap him. 

Harris was taking his power nap so the parents just reminiscing the moment *insert blow nails emoticons* 

Just ootd-ing. 

The forever yummy fingers. I bought him a teether though. He just throw it away. Ceh.

The forever twins.

The bride(s) and groom(s) Yeap, still self proclaiming. Hehe.
The family photo. 

That pretty much sums up our weekend. We had family dinner that night. Just normal cooking and eat all together all of us. And Harris was darn sleepy but his cousins around so he refused to sleep until all went home. 

I woke up today feeling all tired up. Really. I didnt even realize how I fell asleep up until I startled up around 5.00 AM for isya'. I still continue my sleep afterwards and finding it hard to wake up for Subuh. Really need to fix on my biological clock and routine. Not to mention I missed few days of PM skincare routine. Damn I am soooo lazy. 

I am now in the mak-mak phase so I have this one wishlists. I even dream about it. I wish I have like sooooo much money that I can buy it. 

I really wish they're like few more months before March's endingggg. So I could have more time to gain money and end my cravingssss. So mak-mak.

I dont give a damn face last Friday ft Oroton bag in the background because I am me.
Harris's face when its past bedtime and he refuses to sleep. 

Going to work nowadays is suchhhhh a hassle now. I get bored. But nope, I am just gonna act professional and do whatever task given, not giving a damn of what people think of me. I am not a bad person, just a victim of other people's badmouthing. 

And since I am sleep-deprived, I am going to wash my face, pray and go straight to bed. Being a mother makes me appreciate all the free time. Hence, blogging too. 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Its been a very long weekend for us since we had Abg Zaidi's solemnization and wedding on the girl's side. And now, I am currently feeling a bit feverish and runny nose. But here I am, still at work. I was planning to get MC today but canceled it last minute. I dont know how long I could take it. I slept late last night since my body condition, my lack appetite and what not slows down my milk production so I waited few hours before bed to pump some more for Harris. Plus, he's been consuming milk quite a lot these past days, due to the hot weather I think. So I have to produce more. Hence, I gotta eat more. But my sore throat, makes me dont want to eat. So I opted for herbs to drink. I hate it, thus, a mother gotta do what a mother gotta do. Sacrifices. 

And writing this, my eyes are nearly closed. With runny nose, sore throat, heavy eyes, sore body everything. Not cool guys, not cool.

The forever twins with so much year difference.

Half body OOTD ft Harris's yummy legs.

Full body OOTD ft Harris. And that's the shoes I bought over the cant-fit-vincci-shoes.


The forever bride hehe.
 Okay joking. 

The most-celebrated-bride&groom-of-the-day

The forever twins, again. Haha.

The whole Kajang clan, with some add-on and a lot missing out. There were actually several pictures and no joke I picked the worst ones. Hahaha.

The forever blur-faced Harris with the most lovely parents in a whole wide world. 

Yours truly. Wearing nearly 10 years back baju raya which I still fit!

Zira's OOTD. And tonnes more photo inside my phone.

Its been few days been wearing heels and even going to work, I wear platforms. So today, its my most laziest day. I wear sandals and half wrinkled uniforms. My ironing is worst today. And dont feel okay. Therefore, I'm gonna keep my sweater's on all day. I was thinking of dropping by at the clinic today but so lazy to move. So here I am, blogging this. This week's gonna be a long week too since we'll be having our side's reception at Crystal Crown Hotel. I neeeeeddd enough rest. And 3 more days to go to end the week! 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥ 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Just because

I braced myself to go to the dentist because I just had enough of pains already. I just want my teeth to get better. Spent so much, and gonna spend so much more because I am doing root canal to salvage my teeth. 2 tooth got extracted. Painful but as long as it wont cause so much pain already.

And had a very boring & headache & dramatic week. (refer my previous posts). So I learn now that lets just dont care. And today, im not gonna ruin my day by posting about them. They dont even deserve a part of me.

The best thing about having a baby is you are soooo far away from being moody at all. Even though things at work sucks, coming back home to my baby is a blessing. How can you be mad when your baby smiles seeing your face? And the feeling of breastfeeding my baby after long day at work, is such happiness! And even if Harris already fed as I reach home, he still wants me to breastfeed him. I guess he misses my golden touch and he just wants me there beside him. And that feeling rendered me, WHAT WORK? Workload, shitty colleague, everything fades away.

And Harris doesnt deserve the moody me. He survived day by day without me alongside him, understands my working hour. And what would Harris feel then seeing me coming back home being mad? Its unfair, right? No one deserve to be treated unfairly, inequality.


Thank you Harris. For being such a great baby. Who understands our workload, our working hours, our time. We would always make time for you. Spend time with you. Always.

Of husband's puffy-morning-face & Harris's what? face 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Came close

I have learnt things the hard way I guess. And now, I realized none of the people in my office is trustworthy. Its best if you keep things to yourself. No strings attached. And stop sharing personal things, personal preferences, and things you're unsatisfied about other people around the office, because, THE WORD WILL SPREAD OUT. So beware. Stop sharing everything. None of them are trustworthy. And I have to teach myself to be on my own. And to mind my own business. Friends are friends but not someone you can keep close with. They're the kind that will stab you behind your back. In fact, they dont even keep each other back. They will so hard force you to share a secret you vowed to not tell anybody just to tell the person you had secret with. Them, to me, more like a kid. Too childish. Cant even keep a secret.

And for some reason, things messed up between me and few people. So.... I guess lesson learned. Trust nobody.

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


My day started off real bad. I had a bad day yesterday and I was willing to make the best out of today. Meaning, trying to start off my morning real good. Tried so hard to shrug off yesterday memories. Had a good halfway-movie night with husband, until Harris woke up and he felt restless. Then while pampering Harris to go back to sleep, we both fell asleep too. Hahahaha.

Anyways, I come to work greeting everybody morning. Some reply, some just dont care. And even when I try to start off conversation, they just dont care or even say anything. My questions remain unanswered, left hanging. Everything. And I am trying my best to not let get it in my way. I am living my own way. Damn I wish I could be on my own. Really, I do.

Up until now, I still dont know what I did wrong. And I am still looking for answers. I mean, should I? Or I should just shrug it off like I couldnt care less? I dont know. Thats the problem with me. I care too much about what people think. And it aint easy to shrug it off y'know. And I hate myself for it. 

I've been having this kind of matter ever since in university life. And I am fucking tired. I dont know. Is it me? Because nobody is telling me anything. Some people still befriend with me as if I am an okay person. I mean, most of them are still friends with me. But why some dont? 

Nobody is telling me anything. So until now, I will still think that people just cant handle me. And I wont ditch my Oroton leather handbag, my Clarks leather shoes and everything I am, because I am me. And I will use, wear and buy whatever I could afford. If they are being so dengki and jealous over what I have la. Because nobody is telling me anything. So I will think what I want to think. 

We're all not kids anymore. We're all grown ups. And all these are too childish. And I am so done with it. I hope I could adapt myself to be on my own. Aminn.