Monday, January 22, 2018

Casual Sunday

I finally had meatballs in Ikea! Okay, staahhhppp it. Its not my first time though. But husband said lets go. For the sake of always coming to Ikea but never wanted to go for the meatballs. Honestly, I am not a big fan. Husband too. But erm, just go? Hahaha. Anyway, after a lovely big family breakfast at home, we went out to Ikea. Since I want to do a survey on a vanity table. Pinterest is killing me with all those cute vanity tables! And of course, Zira fourth-wheeling. 

Those eyelashes...

The always happy baby when it comes to going out. Even though he sleeps most of the time and when he wakes up, he wants to chit chat. 

My sweat shirt from Brands Outlet. Loving the sleeve. 

Husband with his go-to shirt. Dont worry, we have this thing at home we call washing machine. This was in MyTown mall because I forgot to pack Harris's wet wipes so we went to Watson to get 'em. And I want to go to Kaison to get some stuffs.

The doppelganger?

Harris's romper from H&M, a gift from Kak Fathin. 

Me and Harris. He's so good when it comes to camera though. 

My tudung was all over the place though.... Hahahah

And as for dinner

We had many January babies in our family. A total of 5 people. Abah (1/1), Along (2/1), Zira (19/1), Azim (20/1) and Angah (28/1). So last night, abah asked us to suggest places where we could have dinner together to celebrate. A January babies birthday dinner. We usually do this on monthly basis. But for Along & Abah's birthday, we had small celebration already. Mama bought us Baskin Robbin's cake. So for last night, its for the remaining three and summary of January baby's birthday dinner.

Its always hard to get Abah to agree on the place we suggested. Since he preferred places with varieties of food instead of maybe Italian, pizza, or anything with only one type of county food. So we opted for Makan Culture in Aeon Big, Wangsa Maju. The food is okay. The place is clean, very baby-friendly and for a big family like ours, we already made reservations. Aeon Big dont have bakery store, thumbs down. So its hard to find one whole 1kg cake. So me and Alang ordered an orea cake from Makan Culture under their dessert section and asked the waitress to make surprises. Too bad my husband and Isaac missed the surprise. Of course, tutup lampu tetiba and the song happy birthday echoed the whole restaurant. And the cake came. Just a small cake but I guess the memories remain. 

The remaining three, and there's me. 

The family photo. Mama what you doing....

 Too bad Fit and Azim already went upstairs to get some stuffs. So we had a very pleasant Sunday. Alhamdulillah for all the gifts and blessings bestowed to our big family, thank you Allah. 

And today its Monday, time to work work work! 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥ 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Best thing to come home to

Harris's jumpsuit from instashop: honeysugarbum 
Of course, my darling baby Mohamad Harris Mikael. And my husband too. I tried so hard to always take his photo. To keep everything recorded. But I suck at flatlays. And I am not a photo person. I fancy enjoying moments with my own eyes. Harris has always been a very good baby and still am. He loves to chit chat, and calling people. His voices are the ones I keen to hear every day. And kissing his cheek is never enough. I feel like biting them off but no, I want them attached. Haha. He always smile and laugh whenever we talked to him. But his frowning face.... I wonder where he get that from? Well, everybody else got the answer for that. Nina. The forever frowning Nina.

Too bad we have so little selfies together now. Both of us are pretty occupied and even during our day out, we would not have so much time taking photos. Especially if we go out with only the three of us. 

Last Sunday was an exception. Because my baby sister, Zira wants to tag along. I was thinking of going to Pavilion at first because I need to get few stuffs from Innisfree, but thinking how the parking fee sure is a lot and its quite far away, with traffic jams what not, so I opt for MyTown. It happens to be one of our favorite mall now. A baby friendly mall. For a breastfeeding mums like me, I really need a clean and cozy nursing room. And I couldnt say by far its the best one yet, because we didnt get to explore others but I think I am comfortable with MyTown. Hence, the reason why I opt for it at the very last minute though. Haha. 

Sweet Cherry SCR15 from Manjaku Mall, Wangsa Melawati 

Lol the forever sleepy husband. Well, we finally have a photographer for our photo of threeeeee. 

Baby's blanket using Mama's poncho.

The happy baby! 

The doppelganger? 

And baby sister third-wheeling. Heh. Well, not a very bad thing since she really wants to push the stroller and left me and hubs, holding hands. Well, back to our dating days. Zira is the kind of helpful baby sister type. She loves Harris as much as I do love her and I know I can always count on her to take care of Harris. Even during my pregnancy days, she would always take such good care of me. 

And today is her birthday! 

My baby sister has grown up so much. 

The forever nakal-degil-suka naik kepala-but-loving baby sister. 

And of course, from the best sister a person will ever have, me

Haul? Shopping? The first 2 hours of window shopping, I didnt buy anything. Husband insists me to buy something. But I really dont feel like binge buying. We went to Typo to get Zira's pencil box, and little did I know, he bought something for me while I was browsing around. And inside lift, he handed me the gift. Its a letter N neon lights. I like it! I've been eyeing it while browsing but decided not to buy it. But there it is, on my drawer, the letter N. Nina. 

And one of the reason for me wanting to go to Pavilion at the first place was Family Mart. I didnt know they have it in MyTown. While looking for snacks and beverages, husband swear that during our previous trip, he saw Family Mart downstairs. I wasnt really wanting it anyway. But while walking to News, behold, Family Mart just the opposite. Too bad they ran out of ice cream. But I still get to buy onigiri, and the forever most talked food in rainy days, (I dont know what its called) fish cake soup? I didnt take any photos. Lazy bum bum. And Zira got herself a korean ice cream? I dont know all the names. Yeayyy whatever it is I finally got it. MyTown is not a bad last minute choice at all! We even got Harris some new clothes! MyTown happens to be one of my favorite mall now. Hehe. 

And I got myself a MUJI Moisturizer (Moisture) and MUJI All-In-One Essence, both in small tube. They ran out of normal size MUJI Moisturizer plus I want to try it first whether it suits my facial skin. Then we went to Brands Outlet to get myself a jeans since I outgrew most of my jeans. I no longer fit them, I'm fat? Sobs. And a sweatshirt. I have so many clothes though but it doesnt suit my taste now. So I gave them all away to Zira. And my wardrobe's all ready for the arrival of new clothes! 

*Here's to more shopping session!* 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The day I gave birth.

The long overdue post. I kinda love blogging everything so I can keep everything recorded. And I love telling stories to people. Mak mak sangat.

Yes, I was 6 days overdue. My due was supposed to be on 17/10/2017. But, nope, nothing. I keep on having braxton hicks and contraction but it stops later during the night. By 40 weeks, my baby weighed 3.5kg already. So Dr. Zana Zalinda advised me to not have any heavy meals during the night. Because my baby's weight is gaining very fast. Tapi perut sentiasa lapar.... So during my 40 weeks check up, doctor gave me another 7 days. KK also issued out a letter that I need to be admitted on 23/10/2017. 7 days, contraction come and go. During this time, dr already issued out MC for 7 days. She and husband insisted me to not go to work anymore. Haihhhh boring k. So during that time, I do a lot of chores, went brisk walking, window shopping and still, nuuhhhhh. Yillekkk.

22nd October 2017. I was having this kind of nervous feeling. Why? Because I have a great feeling that the baby wont come out that day. And knowing that I am going to be admitted the next day and I will be induced if I am still only 2cm dilated with mild contraction. Its different. Because I have to make myself prepared. Mentally and physically. Whether I am strong enough. I dont know. A lot of mixed feelings. I cant sleep that night.

23rd October 2017. I woke up, after Subuh, had shower, went breakfast at Ali B. Still mixed feeling. I am so gonna miss the feeling of being pregnant. Went to the hospital. Checked in. Change attire. Preparing. Ahhhh scared! I asked my mom to come accompany me also. Since me and husband are both first timers and I really need my mom. While waiting for the doctor, I had my CTG. Still mild contraction. Doctor came and checked my opening. If I am more than 2 cm dilated, she would just broke my water to give a more brutal contraction. But no, I am still 2cm dilated. So, kne induce.

I dont know la but during checking my cervix opening, I was really not relaxed. Padahal selalu je kne seluk and by far, Dr. Zana Zalinda is really good at it, I mean, its just a mild discomfort. Sbb penah kne seluk dgn nurse and terkejut k. Pastu kne marah sbb angkat punggung. Sobs.

And then, I was induced by inserting pill inside my cervix. Dr Zana said I can calmly eat whatever I want until the contraction comes and become regular. I am also required to half lying down on my bed for at least one hour. After that, only then I can go to the toilet.


5 minutes after I was induced, I had my contraction. I begged mama & Firdaus to let me go to the toilet because I feel like pooping. But I cannottttt because of doctor's instruction. It was brutal, the pain. The effect comes much sooner that expected. It was 11am. In an hour, my contraction becomes so regular, to 5 minutes. And my lunch came. I tried eating but I puked everything out. Mama called the nurse because my contraction is getting regular, and the nurse came and give me painkillers. The pain subsided for a while. But it came back. I lost track of time. My contraction is still very regular up to 3 minutes. But thanks to the painkiller, I can still relax a bit. But not for long. I hugged mama so tight every time the contraction come, well thats how my mama clocked my contraction though hahahaha. Husband and mama massaged me, helped me with the pain and try to put some meal into my tummy so I could handle the pain better. But too bad, everything in, comes out in no time. Padahal dah breakfast tau.... During that time, Angah & Kakya came to visit also. The nurse strapped the CTG machine onto me again. She said the contraction is very regular up to 3 minutes. I cant really remember how many times I did the CTG. But I remember that after the CTG, the nurse checked my cervical opening but too bad its still 2-3cm. Because I didnt relax during the contraction. Akibat tak pegi class antenatal. And the nurse said, heartbeat baby is starting to get stressed out. And me too. I am becoming so weak. And little did I know, its nearly 5pm. I've been battling contraction for 6 hours. And still not fully dilated. I ran out of energy due to no meal and tiredness. Nurse said if I still want to battle contraction, I might have no energy later during labour, and might go into emergency operation. She suggested epidural. Adding the fact that I am still 2-3cm dilated. Husband said I looked so weak. Cant put any food into my tummy. Mama consulted Pak Usu (a doctor) and he said, epidural should be okay. Since both me and my baby's condition is pretty much stressed out.

5pm. I was taken to the labour room. Epidural in. Goshh the feeling is so much better. I have to lie down all the time. Husband's the only person that can accompany me. But when husband went downstairs to shower and pray, mama came in and teman me. I was strapped to the CTG machine. The contraction was really brutal. Even the nurses said its too regular and super strong. I was half asleep the whole time. And I kept on saying sorry to husband and mama because I have to opt for epidural. Another 1k for that. But husband said its okay. Because he couldnt stand seeing me like that.

From time to time, the doctor and nurse checked my cervical opening and its dilating really quick. By 7pm, I am already 9cm dilated. If only I relax during contraction, I would give birth already. I think? I dont know.

Under epidural, everything seems very relaxed. No more mild discomfort. No more pain. And even baby's heartbeat is normal. Husband said, what's important is the safety of me and the baby. Financial problem can be put aside. I can still feel the contraction, like the usual period pain after I had pain killer every month but I am totally relaxed. I can still feel my feet and lift it up. I think it depends on the dosage.

Around 8pm, they are prepping me for labour. But I was so weak. So husband feed me some kurma and bread and air zam zam. I need all the energy to push the baby out. I kinda lost track of time though. Hahaha. Since I cant really feel the contraction, they depends on the CTG machine to track my contraction and told me when to push. Yeap, we push during contraction. They taught me how to push, techniques what not. They strapped me up, lift my legs, and I was instructed to hold the metal bar on my bedside. (husbands should be thankful they have metal bars, if not, husbands hand would be broken.) and I was told when to push.

The pushing starts. Well not really. In my situation, more of like, me pulling the metal bar towards me. Because I cant feel that much of something and macam teran kosong je? I dont know. It was tiring. I had many pushes. Husband said the doctor had to tear my cervix a bit because my pushing is not strong. Eerie. Push push push. Supports from husband, nurses and I safely delivered a healthy baby boy at 8.59pm, weighing 3.6kg and height of 52cm. Nothing matters anymore. Baby's out. Healthy. Alhamdulillah.

During stitching, they were prepping my baby and that's when I suffocate. But my oxygen reading was normal. But I feel like suffocating. And started to vomit. Filled up 3-4 bags. Doctor said its the side effect of epidural. I was restless and I dont really know what they did. Probably because of my empty stomach. I fell asleep after that. I was lethargic. Around 10pm, I was pushed to my room. And they delivered the baby a while after. Mama forced me to eat but I fell asleep on the rice. All I want to do is sleep....

Baby came in. Name? We havent really figure it out. And husband said, Mohamad Harris Mikael. I like that...

I tried latching. It was hard :( Of course mama had to help. I fell asleep while breastfeeding. Haha.... And they all went back home. Me, husband & Harris. Our first night. It was hard too. Whatever it, we survived day 1 and we surely know it aint gonna be easy in the upcoming days. But I believe we're ready. In Sha Allah.

And after few meltdowns, Harris's operation what not, Harris is entering 3 months of life. I am liking this. I am loving all this. Coming home to Harris every single day is the thing I look forward to. One down, 6 more to go? Hahahahahaha k we'll see.

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

Looking back

I went through all my posts from 2012, 2013, 2014. I started blogging back in 2009 (for this blog), I think. And nope, that's not the first blog posts. I have another blog, a more childish blog to be exact signed up under this email. And that another blog, the first posts was in 2008. During SPM trial. I was in boarding school. Everytime I went home, I definitely will update my blog. Goshhh how I fancy blogging back then, still am! Hehe. Around mid 2009, I started another blog, which is this and still ongoing.

Looking back, really, damn I was really immature. Well now not really mature pun. But still. Hahahaha.

You know, this blog has been my kind of place where I spill everything. From all kind of angry posts, to lovey dovey ones. Too many people mentioned inside here, but no names. Just me, reading it, well I definitely remember why I posted it in the first place. Hahaha. Its very funny... Seeing the old amalina and how I moved on. I guess?

2009 was me in form 5, taking SPM. I think I started binge blogging after SPM. My parents wont allow me to work, just a simple posts of me writing of my driving class, exams whatnot. Its soooo funny. My bowling story. Hahahah everything. In 2012, the year I started university taking diploma. Which I did mention Firdaus Shakirin (my husband) and 2013, the year we broke up. All the patah hati kind of posts. He met someone else, me also. But things just doesnt work out. And me, suffocating. Friends ignored me. Wow, time flies....

2014, the year I pursued degree in JB. And me and Firdaus meet again. Bla bla bla, and now we're married for almost 4 years now, with a baby named Harris. Goshh.... My ex-boyfriend 2 times!

Kalau dah jodoh, tak kemana.

Totally true, applies to us. Hahaha. If my baby Harris asked me how we met, I surely dont know where to start. During diploma years or degree years.Well Harris, what's important is to move on and see where it'll take you. And never lose faith to Allah.

I love being the childish, random, bubbly Amalina. Where I paint and doodle in free time. I love beaches. I love brisk walking. I love to make arts. I love everything neat. And I love colors & color coordinated.

I guess I am liking my life now. Looking back, how I've changed so much. Its up to me, how I fill my life, how I paint it, I make do. And be happy. Always. And manja. Hehe.

I want my baby to look at me and be proud that I am his mother.

Gosh. I sound so old now. Kbye. Hahahah.

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥

Monday, January 15, 2018

Whats in my bag

Such random posts but why not. Hehe. All these items are totally an essentials. I usually change my handbags one every 2 weeks so all these items are the one I am totally going to bring especially when going to work.

Sorry but I suck at flatlays. Hahaha. Plus its a random posts while I am actually tengah rajin kat office. And non-stop doing work is giving me headache, hence, this post. 

From left, my make up bag, charger, kain lap specs, wallet, hand sanitizer, victoria secret's body mist, nature republic aloe soothing gel mist, vapor rub, and of course, mirror. 

1. My make up bag does not exactly include all kind of make up though but I consider it as a make up bag. Hahaha since I only put stuff I require to touch up. 
2. Charger is definitely essential. Because I usually charge my phone inside my car. Power bank? I have 2 of them at home. I bought one for my husband. But since we both so lazy to charge them, so yeah... Hahaha. Plus, pretty much we are very occupied in the office we dont have much time to use it anyway. And as for me, I'm now working in the office so for finding a plug is not a problem. And yes, I definitely need to buy another cable. I'm thinking of just using the original charger at home so it wont get dirty and rosak. I have one cable inside the car though. Idek why I need so much cable. Hahah. 
3. Kain lap spec is definitely need. Especially when you want your specs to be very clear. Ya ya can always use our clothes rightttt but did you knowww using other than this specs cloth can ruin your lens? Yes. It'll get scratches. 
4. Wallet/purse, of course. I'm using the one my mom bought for me in Indonesia. Hahaha. Truth to be told, I like the thin one. I dont really like purses. Its bulky and heavy and I tend to keep ALL receipts since it have so much space. So using a thin one, I will become rajin to clear all the receipts. Hahahaha. 
5. Hand sanitizer. An essential for me because we never know what germs might be on our hands. And I definitely dont want anything bad to be transferred to my baby. 
6. Victoria secret's body mist. In case I forgot to wear any perfume in the morning. Hahaha. But I love the fresh scent. It also gives me a a fresh vibes so it helps me to change my mood. Its how we're usually attracted to a nice smelling person, so I definitely am attracted to myself. Hahaha. 
7. Nature republic aloe vera soothing gel mist aka face mist. In case my face needs extra dewy look and hydration. Honestly, this is not a favorite. It has that distinct smell that is not soothing to me. But since my face is always getting dry, I need this. 
8. Vapor rub. I get runny nose most of the time. Especially in my office. This was my essentials during my first and third trimester. I call it all-day-sickness. Hahah. 
9. Mirror. To check up on my face & teeth. 

And this is what's inside my make up bag. Hahahah told ya its not EXACTLY a make up bag. Lip balm (Wisderm), My go-to lipstick Silky Girl Lip Matte Junkie in shade Vintage (04) & Fame Lipstick (also matte) in shade Violet (007), trial kit innisfree green tea cleasing foam, MUJI (sensitive skin range) All in One Essence, No Sebum Mineral Powder (mine I got free for my birthday kit as a premium member of Innisfree, Victorinox nail clipper which my parents got me during their trip to Europe, Harris's and my appointment cards. 

1. Lip balm is definitely a need. 

2. Lipstick to give colors. Because my lips always appear so dull and makes my face look more tired. 

3. Cleanser is definitely a need. In office, during ablution, I will definitely wash my face with cleanser. I also need to find a travel kit oil cleanser. For double cleansing. Especially with make ups. 

4. MUJI All in One Essence I used after cleansing. Well why? Because after cleansing, your face needs to be moisturized. But the hassle of having to bring toner and moisturizer is no no for me. Malas. Tapi nak kulit cantik... So I bought this all in one essence. Also because I am always busy in the office so according to the sales person, this all in one essence is a definitely good deal for me. Actually, I bought this yesterday, along with MUJI (sensitive range) moisturizer. Refer previous post (which I am in need of new moisturizer). I bought both in small sizes. Its very affordable. So why not try. 

Short review: MUJI (sensitive skin) All in One Essence; I used it after cleansing and baru je pakai sehari, and so far I am liking the effect it gave me. My face is moisturized and very supple. Looking forward to use this more often. 

5. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is a must especially when my face looks a bit oily. Which sangat jarang because I have a bit of a dry skin and more to normal. So oiliness is not much of a problem for me. And I like a dewy finish. Since matte finish feels a bit dry to my facial skin. 

6. Victorinox nail clipper. Very much needed especially when you need emergency manicure. Hahahaha.

7. Harris's appointment card. For HUKM and his vaccination. Patutnya I bawak buku vaccine dia sekali but its in A2 size so macam tak perlu. Plus, I put that book inside his baby bag since buku tu mmg kne bawak sekali dengan baby. So I dont need it when I go to work. But I always write his appointment dates in a small card and put it inside his HUKM appointment card. So I wont miss both. 

So that's pretty much what's in my bag. Other than my phone la of course. But it is subject to changes. Hahahah. Okayyy work calling. 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥