Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I am currently down with flu and feeling feverish due to sore throat. I think it affects my baby also as he already start coughing and feeling restless. Meragam. So I really need to take good care of myself because whatever I have, my baby will also experience since I am fully breastfeeding him. My body really ache and sore throat is killing me. And imagine that to a baby.

Pray that we will get better. Amin!

Monday, February 12, 2018


Its reeeeeaaallyyyy been a while. I am really an occupied lady. January and February are so full with holidays that surely means a lot of work need to be done before the long weekend, and at home surely very busy what not. But I have been occupying myself with loads of activities and I am LOVING IT.

And I just hate myself not being able to get full records of moments my baby starts to turn and crawl. I know its best enjoyed with my own eyes BUT I get so forgetful lately that I really want to keep everything updated and recorded y'know. And I am pretty occupied with managing myself, my chores, husband and a baby, with akikah Harris coming up, so I kinda have to manage everything. Clothes, food, doorgifts and everything. Thank God I managed to tick off SO MANY THINGS at the end of the day and finally here, able to update my blog. Yeayers!

So my 100 days of pantang is overrrrrr. So I am definitely celebrating it by wanting to eat some shaved ice and definitely my favorite place to go which is Dalkomm! Well, not exactly that I pantang bebetul. I still had some cold water before 100 days ends but really in minimum and not that icy cold. So this time, I really want it ice cold. So on Thaipusam, I asked my husband to go to KLCC. Since I want to window shopping and of course, Dalkomm.

I always get very guilty if I were to eat in front of Harris because he tends to droll over my food. Such an eater boy, just like mummy! 

I loveeeeddd the shaved ice. Plus, I really just want to spend time at cafe. As I gets older, I tend to fancy hanging out at cafe, talking and chit chat. And now, its so different because I have Harris. For me, even with Harris, its never a hassle. I breastfeed him everywhere I go. I customized a pashmina into a nursing cover. So I can breastfeed Harris everywhere I go. A nursing cover is very useful especially when I literally have no nursing friendly blouse and shirt and most of them are very costly. If I were to buy them, how about my old clothes? Now that I already can fit into them. So just gonna add one nursing cover and I am good to go! 

Mama & Zira also went there since they have nothing to do. And while we're at Dalkomm, mama went to Coach. Always her first and foremost place to go, after Auntie Anne's. And she called me, asking of my whereabouts and wanted me to come to Coach and help her choose. But since I'm at Dalkomm so she sent me pictures. Danggg, my kind of bags. But Coach really are out of my league though. The designs are always so wonderful but not for my paycheck. My pick would definitely the left ones. With the quilting. And its blush color! How lovely. I'll definitely strive for it. This cost her like RM2900. But its leather and so pretty, totally worth it! I mean, not all designer handbags are leather though. So if you spend few k's for something that is not leather (pu leather also doesnt last long), just for the designer's name, I feel like that would be a waste. I mean, to me of course. So might as well we opted for a better option. And leather last long, with proper care which doesnt require much hassle. 

The next day is Hari Wilayah. So I was thinking of going where. Since its only a KL holiday, might be a waste if I dont go somewhere that would be less crowded than weekends. So we went to Genting Highland Premium Outlets. Window shopping also and I want to find a new shoes. 

And of course, Mama, Zira & Fit tagged along. And sales everywhere! Coach was having massive sale. From 3k to 1k only! But still too pricey for me. But not for mom though. But she also didnt score anything there since she already did in KLCC the day before. My choice for shoes are very saddening since they always ran out of my size. Sobs. 

So I went to Oroton, trying my luck for handbags. Oroton also sells leather handbags and just my luck, the whole store is at 70% off! So I scored one handbag which is very lightweight and nice at only RM400+ from 1k+ danggg thats a very great deal. I mean, the bags I've wanted costs almost 500 but I can only get 400+ for a leather handbag, how can I miss that??? 

And to be honest, why outlets always on sale and we can get cheaper price from normal store in malls? Well, most designer updates their designs every 6 months. But we cant always be up to date. I mean, me. And for 'outdated' items, they would bring everything to outlets and sell them at cheaper price. But how outdated can it be when it was out 6 months ago? Again, for me. Mama's handbags at Coach KLCC was the most up to date. And they dont have that design in Genting Highland Premium Outlets. I mean, that's how I can compare la. How I know? Referring to Coach websites. Hahaha. 

My very first leather handbag I bought myself! As a self-reward, yeaysss. We managed to score few stuffs from there also. Definitely a great place to go! 

This was during our company Chinese New Year dinner (6th February 2018) along with my M&E Team. Only Bangi team didnt attend. The middle guy in pink shirt is my M&E Manager, Roy. They all were hired after me. I was the only one that didnt interviewed by Roy. I was interviewed by Project Director. And look how my tudung is, so haywire....

Ending my writing with snaps of my baby. 

Harris is trying his new sweater I bought at GPO. 

He just love when he's in the air. 

So cheeky I just cant....

Harris can turn now!
Harris is just so cute, I just cant.....

We have loads coming up. Gonna update on what I bought for Harris even more later. I am turning into that mak-mak's syndrome of always wanting to buy presents for my baby. Omg. Mummy gonna work harder for you sayang! 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥ 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Deep down

Its better to feel incapable because you're alone instead of having someone to rely on but not being helpful. 

I am really tired. I really cant do things on my own. I need help. I need extra hand. I admit that. But when I in need the most, the person I rely on cant do much. Or even more, cant do anything. I become so forgetful nowadays that I keep my planner close, I jot everything down, I record everything. Plus, I am the kind of person who clutters everything in my mind and end up getting nothing solved. I have to write everything down. Juggling between works (im handling 3 projects atm), motherhood, chores and everything, I am VERY occupied. And adding few to-do-lists to merge into my initial work program is hard I tell you. I cant be juggling all that, adding more and having to complete everything on time. I cant. I need extra hand. That's when husband take part. I already segregate all works and I need everything to be done in order for me to confirm everything. I cant do ALL that. 

And the worst feeling is, I HAVE an extra hand, but totally unhelpful...

I am just sooo tired. Well, its marriage, its managing family. But I dont want to be the head of the family. I want someone to take charge. 

Damn, I wish its easier. Haihhh.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Sleepy Monday

Going to work seems to be the hardest thing to do in the early morning. I feel a bit soothing that I need to go to work earlier than my husband so the being apart from my baby isnt hard enough. Well, it doesnt get easier as I reach office. I love looking at my baby the moment I open my eyes, I would kiss his cheek and see him yawning and stretching, ahhhhhh much love! So going to work, feeling sleepy, totally not helpful. I really want to cuddle with my baby now. I love waking up late with him. Just me and him, and my husband, side by side, watching Harris. I miss that! The only days we get to wake up so late after subuh is Sunday, sooooo once a week is not enough. 

Please ignore my somewhat too happy (?) face. And that cheeky smile. He loves to show of his tongue. He smiles so much okay. So unlike me. This was the morning before I went to work. I would definitely spend a bit of time with him if I wake up early enough and doesnt rush to work. Haha. 

That cheek. That double chin. That neck. Masam-masam smell. Ahhhhh bestnya! Well this was after I gave him a bath. Of course smells so good! 

My super tall baby. He now weighs 6.6kg and 65cm is height. So longggg many people mistaken him to be 5 months old. This was when he fell asleep before maghrib, and I woke him up during maghrib, he continued sleeping afterwards until morning. We both so bored that we tried waking him up but fail. Hahaha. 

1 hour plus to go. Before I can go home to kiss and cuddle my baby. Sometimes I just cant believe I gave birth to a very cute baby. Motherhood is fun. I love it. I feel extremely occupied and happy. Alhamdulillah. 

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥ 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Pet Peeves

I find it extremely annoying when at the end of the week, I fail to tick off most of the to-do-list & to-buy-list. Yes, its annoying to see every checklist I made, remain undone.

I am that kind of person who always clutter my mind with so many things and I love writing them all down in point form so I could just tick it off. And for this week, there's a lot of things I didnt manage to accomplish. Thus, seeing it, makes me feel like want to write more of it, pages to pages, until I get it ticked off. And for few pages, the same thing written. Annoyed even more.

Pics courtesy of Google

And I hate getting everything undone. I want everything to be done. And being in the state where I am stuck in the office, feeling sleepy, with works not much piling, makes it even more annoying because I cant go anywhere to accomplish everything in the list! One of the reasons why because I couldnt estimate the net pay I have so I can splurge on anything else. And yes, I always pay all debts right after paycheck.

Harris's akikah to plan. A lot of things to buy also. And few wishlists on skincare but I think I'm gonna put it on hold first since I couldnt really made up my mind for anything I thought I need. And such long list to accomplish. Heh.

Hopefully I could tick off everything before the week is ending in 2 days!

Such sleepy friday....

Wasalam. Love, Nina M. ♥